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Why does it not continue from the last episodes. Still brilliant, a lil more random. Burntface man is definitely my favorite flash movies ever :)

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Love It!!!

David Firth is the king of flash oddities

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I Loved it

Fantastic, love the animation and the audio, absolutely fantastic 5/5 & 10/10 :D

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I really like this puzzle, a few of the levels take me numerous goes. hours of play time.

Great Game

Its one of the best pool games that i've played, and i'm glad its the English game over the american. I cant stand American pool, massive pockets etc etc, its daft and games are less challenging. Their are though, a few downsides to the rules of the game settings.

1. If i remember correctly, You should only get 2 shots on the 8-Ball when the opponent has four or more balls on the table, unless the foul shots being played come from a run of at least one ball before the 8-ball is shot upon.

2. Everybody should know this rule... You can't shoot up table from a foul ball placed behind the line. You may place the ball directly inline with the top most ball, and shoot for it, but the first shot should always be played 'Down Table'.

3. The first shot from a foul ball is a free ball, touch or even pot and opponents ball, on this shot only.

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NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks for the great review.

Here is my response:

1. People play all kind of rules - I've never heard that one before though. The old EPA rules, they say you get two shots on the black for any kind of foul. And that's the rules I used to play in pub leagues too.

2. This was originally a Straight Pool rule (still is, but I haven't included it in the game), but it's not played in official 8-Ball rules - and why would you want to???

3, This rule is in the game! You can pot your opponent's ball directly with your first shot after a foul, and still have two shots left! That's the proper pub rules - it speeds up the frames and stops people from blocking pockets all the time.


Its not really a DJ game, okay the turntables are their and stuff but its more producing, and i like the samples u have, some i wouldn't mind having to sample in reason & logic, but im going 2 stick to them. Good game though and i enjoyed playing it for about half an hour...But now im going to play on my turntables :)

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Top Notch

This is the best dubstep version of this song i have heard. Amaizing job


I love the sounds of the harp. May i ask what samples you used, as a fellow reason user myself. I have lots of Dubstep / DnB samples and refils that i can upload and share too.


Its not bad start, your bass is the best sample you have, but not much of a 'wobble' to it. There are though, to many beats that it sounds more of a house tune than a dubstep song.

yellowkowala responds:

if i took out beats it would be minimal lol and yer the bass will be elaberated on and the drums will get more complex then "DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF"

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